Darius A. Stanton boasts a distinguished career spanning over 25 years as a revered national public speaker, television broadcaster, and dynamic executive leader in both the private and government sectors. His multifaceted expertise has positioned him as a prominent figure in various domains.

Throughout his illustrious career, Darius A. Stanton has delivered compelling speeches to diverse audiences, ranging from colleges and corporate gatherings to esteemed institutions such as the University of Alaska, United States Naval Academy, First Financial Services and Westinghouse. His impact extends beyond traditional settings, as he has engaged with high school students and juveniles in detention facilities across the nation.

His focus encompasses crucial issues like renewable sustainable energy solutions, leadership retooling, and fostering entrepreneurship and business development, with a special emphasis on initiatives in Africa.

Darius A. Stanton is also a distinguished host, presiding over three captivating platforms. His morning TV show, “Good News Bowie with Darius A. Stanton,” airs on Comcast and Verizon networks in Prince George‚Äôs County. Additionally, he hosts a weekly Facebook live show titled “Peace in the Morning with Darius A. Stanton.”

A motivational force, Darius seamlessly weaves his vast experience, knowledge, and passion into high energy engagement, planting seeds in his audiences leaving a lasting impact on audiences across the globe. His commitment to positive change, environmental sustainability, and empowering individuals in all walks of life exemplifies a career dedicated to making a meaningful difference.

Darius was acknowledged as one 50 Future Leaders of America in Ebony Magazine in the 50th Anniversary Issue. He was featured on the covers of magazines Hommes d’ Afrique, The LYFE and featured in the business section of the Washington Post. Darius is the recipient of the 2017 NAACP Humanitarian Award. A proud and productive citizen,

Commissioner Stanton was recently appointed to the State of Maryland Economic Development Commission by Maryland’s Speaker of the House of Delegates. Darius is the founding board president of the New Village Academy Public Charter High School and past President of the Maryland Black Caucus Foundation. He was also proud to serve as the Chairman emeritus of the Annual City of Annapolis Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.

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